Substitutes for Teachers

Substitutes Needed


Box Elder School District is looking for substitute teachers.

We hire Kelly Educational Services to provide all of our Substitute Teachers.

If you have ever considered becoming a substitute teacher this is the perfect time to act!! Right now, Kelly Educational Staffing, is hiring substitute teachers for Box Elder School District.

Requirements for Substituting

Must be at least 20 years old, possess a High School Diplomas or GED and obtain favorable results on background screens.

To Apply, please visit

Kelly Educational Staffing enter zip code and click on "Find Jobs"

If you have questions, please contact Kim Bott @ 435-734-4800 ext 1511 or email her at

Substitute Teacher Pay Rate:


Pay Rate



BA/BS Degree




Long Term


Incentive Programs

Possible extra $ amount

Subbing on a Friday

add $15 for that day

Sub at least 5 days a month

add $50 bonus/month

Sub at least 10 days a month

add $100 bonus/month

Sub at least 15 days a month

add $150 bonus/month