Our School

Our Collective Commitments:  We have established these commitments as a vision of our values as educators.  They represent our shared purpose and beliefs.

  • We will provide a positive, safe, supportive, and respectful learning environment for students, staff members, parents, and community members of all ethnic, racial, and religious groups. We will model kindness, happiness, integrity, and understanding for our students.  We will strive to instill these qualities in our students.  (CLIMATE)

  • We will provide students with a whole-child-centered education; including meaningful, uplifting traditions.  The knowledge and power of developing a growth mindset, and grit. Learning from our mistakes will be taught, modeled, and encouraged.  (CULTURE)

  • We will provide a challenging, rigorous, engaging, and developmentally appropriate curriculum; focusing on individual student needs, academic growth, and best practice.  Core curriculum standards and objectives will be taught.  (INSTRUCTION)

  • We will monitor student growth and learning through on-going assessments, allowing students multiple ways and opportunities to demonstrate mastery.  These standards-based assessments will monitor growth, guide our instruction, and inform parents. Student progress and growth will be celebrated. (ASSESSMENT)

  • Students will be provided with timely, differentiated, and research-based interventions.  We will work collaboratively to provide appropriate interventions for all students.  (INTERVENTIONS)

  • As professionals, we will lead with vision and empower others to be leaders. We will set positive examples, be open minded, understanding, and supportive of others’ growth and development. (LEADERSHIP)

  • As educators, we will proactively collaborate with and look for opportunities to involve parents in the education of their children.  We will communicate students’ progress and provide a welcoming environment for families and community members. (PARENTS & COMMUNITY)

Federal and state regulatory agencies require our school to notify all building occupants of the status of asbestos containing material.  Fielding Elementary has no known asbestos containing materials.

Fielding Elementary School
50 W Main
Fielding, UT 84311

Phone: 435-515-4200
Fax: 435-515-4215

Principal:  Kristi Capener   kristi.capener@besd.net
Secretary: Jeriann Stevenson    jeriann.stevenson@besd.net